'Bubele' means kindness.

At Bubele Africa we love nature in any form and helping people become empowered.

Bubele Africa began in 2020 when our founder, Wendy Malpage noticed the high unemployment rate in our neighborhood. People sitting hopelessly on the side of the road with very little in life. She was inspired when walking past a local river and seeing it full of litter.

The Bubele Africa Non Profit organization emerged as a powerful tool for helping those in need. It has a two-fold purpose. It helps those that are begging on the side of the road, giving them hope and purpose while cleaning our Rivers.

1000 people.

We have provided work for over 1000 people.

18000 Bags of Trash

We have taken 18 000 bags of rubble
from local Rivers

We need your help.

If you would like to get involved